Look, I'm pretty sure you should just hang up that amazing investigational hat of yours.

TOGETHER trial + Bill & Melinda Gates + Reuters + FTX = probably nothing 🧑🏽‍🦯

I'm just so grateful for the TOGETHER trial....or it would've been so much worse.

I do wish the TOGETHER trial had a profile frame or flag or something to virtue signal with... #SquadGoals

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Nothing to see here! 🐑🦮👨‍🦯


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You sound like a bot: "just hang up that amazing investigational hat of yours"? I would have gone with the coat :-) Nevertheless, if I had covid and I wanted to take ivermectin, who are you or Bill Gates or all these fuckers that censored ivermectin to tell me I should not take it??

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I don't think Sarah meant her message like you read it.

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And herein lies the problem with sarcasm in text...if misread, i risk coming across like a real asshole. To be clear, I am a groupie here; i would be terribly disappointed if you hung up the hat, Marinos...Dr. Marinos, that is ;)

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Sorry, my bad :-) I misread your message.

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Don't worry about it too much...sometimes you have to break some eggs to make an omelet.

Actually the material and comments only a few get, are the real gold!!🏆

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Yup...Sarah is a master at the wit, snark, sarcasm and irony.

Well played Sarah!!😋

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🙏🏼many thanks

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Jan 7, 2023Liked by Alexandros Marinos

This is the way that science dies, not with a bang but with a 3.5 million dollar undisclosed grant that they subsequently lie about.

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As a wise man once said, it's not the crime, it's the cover-up.

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Jan 7, 2023·edited Jan 7, 2023

Excellent work. "Funded by FTX" - funded by investors. Who were those investors? I question, for example, this Yahoo News account that the bulk of the investors were "institutional." https://news.yahoo.com/big-institutional-investors-were-behind-103153331.html

Either way investor money was converted in the name of "effective altruism" to strengthen Big Pharma and undermine cheap off-patent, off-label treatments.

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This is BIG $h!t!!! The threads are traceable, budgets and accounting in black and white somewhere, and these connections need to be explored and made transparent.

With our current approach to shared reality, we can all pick up pieces of the puzzle and turn them, try them, find the locking “click”...and our bigger picture emerges more and more.

Keep going, friend🙌✨

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“Covid” (and “Ukraine”), as well as FTX, are part of the terminal smash-and-grab of a ruling class that apparently sees the writing on the wall of societal collapse, and knows that they will not be called to account (at least within the decaying corpse of what we once knew as The United States of America). The justice system (and in particular the FBI) is really just their Tonton Macoute.

As in the dying years of the Soviet Union (and in modern-day Russia), the criminal nomenklatura now commit their crimes brazenly, in the open and plain view of all.

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Jan 7, 2023·edited Jan 7, 2023

Obtaining the trial data and internal communications would be possible if Jenin Younes were to become interested in the multiple questions that you have uncovered. Think of the irony: the Trial of the Year being exposed fully as a corrupt exercise which can be inferred to have led to deaths by spreading Misinformation.


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From trial of the year to trial of the century.

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Jan 7, 2023·edited Jan 7, 2023

That's a descriptor that would be very successful as a meme for legal action to achieve transparency regarding this self-important "R"CT.

You, Jenin Younes, and a funding source could set a precedent that would inhibit manipulated medical "investigations" that have consequences for the whole serf population.

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I have Jewish heritage and your assumptions assume every Jewish person is evil? Now I see how Nazi’s conflated theories to construct a hatred of an entire segment of the human race. Then that lead to horrible atrocities! We are flawed. Hatred is dangerous.

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It is clear B&M Gates bought off Prof. Adrew Owen and Dr. Andrew Hill



The logical contiuation is to produce fake studies on Ivermectin to cover up Big-Pharmas tracks.

It must be "established" that Big-Pharma didn't choose profit over millions of peoples lives.

I wonder what role Jewish elites play in all this.

According to most analysts depopulation is linked to the world government ageda, which is linked to Judaism's prophesies about world goverment

-Fauci is also a Jewish family name


and it is a fact that Crypto-Judaism is a valid brach of Judaism


-Jacque Attali predicted the death-vaxx


and he seems to define himself as Jewish.


-The chief scientists of the Pfizer and the Moderna vaxx are Jewish. Sputnik V head scientist is Alexander Ginzburg which is a Jewish family name.


-Ben-Gurion talked about world government from Jerusalem


-Jewish banker James Warburg talked about world government


-Baruch Levy to Karl Marx, which organized Jewry say is fake, but they always do

http://whale.to/c/letter_from_baruch_levy.html first reported here:https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k176204.zoom.f574.langFR

-There are claims that Klaus Schwab hides his Jewish identity


-Jewish elites are controlling US Foreign Policy according to Jeff Gates


They are the ones pushing for more war in Ukraine, the first post-Maidan coup goverment was heavily Jewish. Jewish elites have been pushing for pre-emptive nuclear strikes on Russia China since long time ago, according to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, see


This has clearly Messianic undertones ("Hasten the arrival of the Moshiach"-destroying the 3 world powers so that Israel can rise as the Phenoix from the ashes of her enemies)

How would you best fool the Non-Jew that this is NOT a Jewish operation?

---You overvaxx Israel!!!

If only secular people took the vaxx then you've only affected those people who are not the cultural barers of the Jewish people.

Jewish elites also have a history of false-flagging attacks their lesser bretheren



I've read, forgot where, that corpses of people who were subject to ritual human sacrifice during

medieval times were sometimes easily found, as if wanting to trigger antiseimtic atrocities.


Prof. Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University established that the Jews of medieval Italy indeed consumed dried blood of Christian children:


-Jewish ritual murder can be performed where the victim is Jewish after special rabbinic benediction according to BT Pesachim 49B.


The Jew is an image of God according to Judaism, while the Non-Jew doesn't have this status but was created only to serve Jews, is an animal in human shape according to Midrash Talpyot


-Cursing Christians

"...Jewish historian Ruth Langer declares the same thing in her recent work Cursing the Christians? She went so far as to say that “every single European Jewish community” in the Middle Ages “adopts the basic form” of the “birkat haminim,” which is “fully a curse of Christians.”


Alexandre, is your Greek better than mine? Take a look at this text written by a former rabbi who converted and became a monk at Agion Oros, when you have time, please. He supposedly wrote that he was initiated by his father into an ancient old Jewish sect which practised ritual human sacrifice


Could you translate?

-11 Jews caught producing snuff movies, but no report it seems of the hallmark sign -the blood drainage, though the year 2005, 5 bodies were found in Russia exsanguished but no offender was caught


-Ritual murder documentary


To learn about the anti-Gentile sentiments in Judaism from Jewish whistleblowers, read chap. 2 & 5 of the late Prof. Israel Shahak


Interesting videos: https://odysee.com/@Lasse_Karagiannis:f?view=content

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Hi Alexandros, thank you for your efforts to try to figure out things related to Covid and the Better Skeptics project.

Would you consider looking into the question of what went on in The Ricky Gervais Show with Karl Pilkington? Or informing my effort to do it? In short, it's about bullying.

I'm considering creating a Substack around it. Open to disclosing full name. Thanks.

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Are you in contact with G M-K?

If so, what are his thoughts on Together not releasing their IPD?

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"From speaking to someone with knowledge of internal communications of the TOGETHER team, they have made a decision not to publish the data at all."

what a joke!

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"they have made a decision not to publish the data at all"

In the famous words of Phil Jones: "Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it"

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The level of corruption within the "scientific community" is quite breathtaking at this point and the entire enterprise appears irredeemable. "Follow The Science"- translates to = "follow the money."

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When are all those complicit to be criminally charged?

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this is a typical bullshit story.

a bate and switch trick.

claiming a grant has been made, which in fact is the truth, and switching it to money having been received which may or not may be the truth,but it is not established that money actually changed hands.

so there you have it, alexandros marinos is a bullshitter.

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So did FTX lie in their press release? And why didn't TOGETHER correct them? Or didn't you read the whole article?

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Jan 7, 2023·edited Jan 7, 2023Liked by Alexandros Marinos

Awarding grants is not the same as sending money. It's possible that FTX never paid out anything at all. Remember when China Evergrande promised $115m to Harvard and only paid $12m? https://www.bostonglobe.com/2022/01/16/metro/evergrande-reneges-multimillion-dollar-pledge-harvard-led-covid-project-another-stumble-its-ties-school/

Edit: I'll add that FTX lying would not be out of character.

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The problem is that the press release says 3.5 million grant had been used by may 2022, at least in part. And also Reis said to Reuters that there was no prior association, which is stronger than saying no money was received. I can't make all these statements make sense at the same time.

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i read the whole article and the press release, which you clearly did not.

who did the press release?

go and have a look, what does it say?

"news provided by together trial"

maybe you should start learning to read before trying to write?

or just go back to flipping burgers?

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So the Together trial endorsed the statement by ftx that there was a prior $3.5m grant. QED.

Now, back to my nothingburgers.

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AM has written good pieces (e.g. on ACTIV-6) and profanity is inappropriate. But it's true that seeing a logo go up on a website doesn't tell you when money changed hands.

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Wow - out of the woodwork - Lol; you should crawl back where you came from.

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